Coming Home to the Heart Workshop

Spirit United Workshop

Spirit United Workshop

Stephanie McGovern and Doreen Johnson share the beauty of their hearts in a stunning workshop designed to tug at your heart strings. They talk about the importance of living an authentic life in alignment with their heart’s wisdom, their heart’s desire.

In a fast-paced life, it takes more than a wish to activate and live in accordance with the infinite knowing of the heart. Be inspired by the beauty of Stephanie’s poetry and Doreen’s music as they share their spiritual stories of life.


I see Doreen as a creative re-inventor of her own life, weaving together disparate elements into a harmonious whole, with a deep core of stillness at the center. She makes that stillness and peace available to all who come into contact with her.
— Elizabeth

This spiritual workshop is a contemplative experience exploring the magic within the heart. It focuses on how to be more wholehearted and authentic in daily living.

It evokes a sense of inner strength, courage and hope. The original poetry, music and storytelling inspire the audience to reflect upon their own heartfelt experiences and intentions.