Women Rising

Exciting changes are taking place in the world right now for women’s empowerment. After centuries of marginalization and dishonoring of the Feminine, women are beginning to be heard and empower themselves. However, as this movement grows, many are still unaware of how to tap into the intuitive source of power that exists within.

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After walking her own path from abuse and trauma back to ownership of her sacred authority, Doreen has been called to guide other women back to awareness of their innate power and worthiness. Her safe and authentic approach opens the path for honest self-discovery and healing.

Doreen is grateful to have received teachings from a number of wise elders along her journey. She is a gifted facilitator of women’s circles and brings her medicine to women’s empowerment groups wherever she is called.

Doreen is a gifted facilitator, guide and truth-sayer. She holds a loving mirror to help people see their brilliance and their blind spots that are holding them back. Her gentle yet fierce spirit, sense of humor, deep wisdom and unwavering commitment creates a space for whatever needs to arise that is in the highest good. She brings truth, curiosity and compassion to help people work through chronic blocks to their own power and wisdom. After being with Doreen I always leave feeling empowered, more conscious and loved.
— Stephanie M.

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HeartFlow Women’s Retreats

The Heroine’s Journey Home: Experiencing Freedom from the After-Effects of Childhood Incest

I have traveled a long journey of coming home to my true nature after realizing that I can and have overcome the many after-effects of childhood incest. As incest survivors, we have held back parts of ourselves that long to speak freely, to be seen and heard. We have traveled a “heroine’s journey” and most of us have not been able to celebrate our victories.

We have the courage to reveal what is most precious to us and our most hard-won victories. As our words are honored within the retreat in a caring way, miracles occur. You will:

  1. Discover the inner strength that arises when you interact with women who fully support you

  2. Shift the patterns that hold you back from realizing your dreams and the life you intend to create

  3. Claim the power of authenticity and compassionate truth telling

  4. Freely express the depth of your passion and enthusiasm.

Come to the retreat if you struggle with any of these issues:

  • Do you have problems taking care of yourself, a poor body image, eating disorders or emotional eating?

  • Do you monitor what you say and how you say it to avoid punishment or shaming? Are you generally secretive and fear that no one will listen to you?

  • Do you have issues with behaviors like being startled easily, hypervigilance, perfectionism, being overly busy, washing compulsively, or cleaning meticulously?

  • Do you experience intermittent panic attacks? Are you anxious about being watched or of being surprised? Do you frequently numb emotions? Have you learned to be invisible?

  • Do you have difficulty in managing overwhelming emotions including fear, sadness, anger and rage?

  • Do you feel different or crazy? Do you deny what is happening around you? Do you take unnecessary risks or avoid risk taking altogether?

  • Is sexuality an issue for you? For example, not wanting to be touched in a particular way, being promiscuous, avoiding sex, using sex to calm yourself etc.

  • Do you have recurring nightmares, are you afraid of the dark or do you feel unsafe at night?

  • Do you have a tendency to be overly honest or dishonest?

  • Are memories from periods of your life missing?


May 17 - 19, 2019

at KINSTONE in fountain city, Wi. limited to the first 8 women who enroll. $175 + food and lodging

October 18-20, 2019

Location to be determined