Life is not about getting somewhere.
It’s about being somewhere.


We have entered a new age. The old rules no longer apply, but we have not yet established new ones. Many people are struggling in this transition – struggling with feelings of powerlessness, of isolation, of not knowing what to do.

The new way forward is not through advantage, but through connection.

The only way to reestablish this connection is to know yourself first and then to reach out to others with clarity and confidence.

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Today’s leaders must learn to be attentive in the present moment; they must reconnect with their positive intentions; learn how to stand in integrity; listen deeply; they must rediscover their True North so they are not swayed to act based on what others believe they should do.

Doreen has great insight and expertise ...

About how to approach issues related to the

#MeToo Movement and Sexual Harassment.

By being present, we can take the next right step. This is walking The Aware Way.


Doreen creates a setting for people to BE their best, and to DO their best. She is an extraordinarily gifted facilitator. She makes it EASY for people who want to create a vision for their life and/or business, to do it through a fun, supportive, and always illuminating process.
— Susen F.

Meet Doreen

Doreen Johnson is a skilled leader and an insightful coach, facilitator and speaker. Her personal journey from a “traditional” life with a demanding corporate job to a life guided by a higher calling gives her a unique perspective from which to guide others to greater awareness and purpose. Doreen leads with the depth of her compassion, inner strength, integrity and wisdom. She has a unique gift for bringing people together to awaken untapped gifts and abilities in practical ways.

Doreen’s coaching and facilitation processes are innovative, catalytic and relevant. She has a comprehensive toolkit of training, personal development, self-improvement and transformative practices and models to complement her intuitive gifts. She takes complex and sometimes conflicting ideas and recasts them into simple and productive applications that make a clear impact.

Doreen’s passion is to honor and strengthen the dreams and creativity of inspired men and women who want to make a difference in the world. She evokes your courage and confidence so you’re able to view all of your experiences as great opportunities to learn, grow and expand. Doreen will spark your imagination with a blend of intention, momentum and celebration that creates greater joy, fulfillment, engagement and prosperity – so that you can create and walk your own Aware Way.