Transformation Drives Productivity!

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If you have experienced disruptive or underachieving areas of the company for a number of years despite efforts from your Human Resource professionals, then it’s time to consider bringing in an external transformative expert who has a potent combination of executive experience with bottom-line responsibilities and behavioral expertise from years of experience in training and development.

Poor performance is costly. However, these costs are seldom quantified and tracked. In addition to the costs of the unproductive work habits of team members, managers expend a great deal of time and energy managing those disruptive and disengaged behaviors.

Typical unproductive work habits include:

  • Reprioritizing incomplete work

  • Redoing unsatisfactory work

  • Resolving work issues and conflicts among departments

  • Settling disagreements among team members

  • Managing the negative effects of change

  • Motivating apathetic employees

  • Handling disruptive behaviors

  • Dealing with mistakes related to clients

  • Managing missed deadlines

  • Managing under-performing employees in unsuitable job roles.

It takes highly-accomplished leaders to manage a diverse workforce and to achieve higher expectations of productivity and engagement. If your team is experiencing a number of significant HR complaints, an inability to consistently achieve targeted business results, high turnover, especially with top performers or frequent customer complaints, then this program is a valuable investment.

Invest in your Future. Make a Difference!

Doreen has helped us make dramatic improvements with employee engagement and in creating a culture of accountability, cohesiveness, and honesty. She has the unique ability to understand human relationships from an extremely detailed level and can apply her ideas to a professional environment. In my twenty years of working for my company, she is the single best thing that has happened to us. She has a great way of providing her thoughts and ideas without being confrontational.
— J. Wilson, The IMT Group


90-Day Transformation Program guides leaders and their teams to achieve aggressive goals through significant improvements in the way managers and team members are able to exemplify behavioral best practices in alignment with a conscious and intentional vision of the future.

It is a results-based behavioral development program facilitated by experts who know what it’s like to face difficult business challenges, behavioral issues, organizational changes and simultaneously assure the achievement of targeted business results. Group training and individual development occur mostly in the course of daily work.

At the end of the program, leaders lead by example with greater integrity, sincerity and authenticity. They exemplify their values and are able to inspire whole-hearted commitment from their team. Teams learn how to activate their individual and collective talents to accomplish shared goals as they demonstrate mutual accountability, transparent leadership and enthusiastic engagement.


Benefits of the Program

  • Greater profitability with improvements in team productivity and engagement

  • Higher retention of top performers with meaningful opportunities to influence and participate

  • Easier recruitment of top performers with more meaningful work and an inspiring culture

  • Enhanced revenue with discretionary effort dedicated to innovation and business opportunities

  • Increased customer loyalty as a results of working with enthusiastic, committed and engaged employees.

Doreen is a highly experienced facilitator and coach that helps leaders and teams get to the heart of difficult issues. She does this by creating a safe environment for honest, open dialogue that builds connection, alignment and thoughtful action. Using her strong combination of business savvy and emotional intelligence she helps leaders unleash the natural energy and productivity of their people. I highly recommend her to tackle tough issues that are vital to your organization’s success.
— Stephanie McGovern

The Transformative Change Program includes two phases. The first phase culminates in a summary report that describes the current state of the team or department, including its behavioral and structural issues. It also presents the vision of a desirable future state.

Phase 2:

  • Team and/or Departmental Meetings

  • Meeting Agendas and Facilitation

  • Coaching Contracts for Group and Individual Coaching

  • Observational Assessments and Feedback

  • Working Sessions

  • Progress Reports and Updates

Phase 1:

  • Summary Report

  • Observational Assessments

  • Interviews

  • Focus Groups Working Sessions

  • Program Schedule

  • Project Plan

  • Action Plans

  • Decision Criteria

Doreen has managed to do something no one else has ever achieved with our team. Many times, in the business world, “community building exercises” and similar business-speak double-talk is nothing more than talk. In her hands, it has taken on a reality that I am proud to be involved with. It is with her skill and dedication that my own cynicism has started to melt. She brings me hope that we can succeed in changing not only our business, but ourselves, for the better.
— Anonymous team survey comment