Times have changed.

In the age of “Me Too” and other social justice movements, it is critical for corporations to be flexible and adapt quickly. You can no longer afford to ignore how your actions impact others – within your organization and beyond.

It is not enough to take responsibility solely for results and tasks. You must also take responsibility for your emotions and behaviors and those of your employees. You are as accountable for the impact of your behavior as you are for business results.

It’s time to shift unconscious patterns and foster Aware Leadership within your organization. Let’s focus our attention on a practical and relevant question that produces results:

What behaviors, processes or structures create a sense of belonging and connection that is vital to getting work done?

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With over 20 years of experience in the corporate world, Doreen has the unique ability to understand an organization’s strategic direction and operational functions, while guiding its leaders and teams to benefit from more positive and productive behavior. Doreen brings calm and an atmosphere of safety in which to experiment and explore as she brings people together. Her ability to collaborate with an organization for a short time and quickly build connection creates significant impact.

As organizational leaders, you set the course for your team. Doreen helps you identify your organization’s True North, inspiring you to build accountability and self-authority to continue to walk your own Aware Way.


Behavioral coaching is especially valuable in times of growth, turmoil or turnover . . .

  • Growth – leaders are asked to balance their priorities as they simultaneously develop company-wide operational infrastructure and enhance their leadership skills

  • Turmoil - leaders are asked to intervene when disfunctional behaviors damage team productivity and corporate reputation in addition to achieving their business goals

  • Turnover – leaders are asked to clarify, strengthen and embody corporate culture and values as they also are held accountable for strategic and operational objectives


Transformation programs:

  • LEADERSHIP TEAMS: Sexual harassment behavioral working sessions for leadership teams to better understand the new norms for working relationships between men and women. Learn More

  • DEPARTMENTAL TEAMS: 90-day team development program to embrace change, improve productivity and increase engagement Learn More

  • LEADERSHIP CANDIDATES: Decision making program focused on interviewing leadership candidates to 1) determine aspirational career goals based on experience and passion, 2) assess behavioral leadership skills compared to the requirements for corporate leadership succession and 3) design a developmental plan to close the gap between current abilities and future requirements

Read the article written by Doreen Johnson and Stephanie McGovern,

Playing Catch Up: Gaining a competitive advantage by developing an inclusive culture

custom programs for specific challenges:

  • Lack of accountability and engagement from senior managers and managers

  • Disengaged employees within essential divisions, departments or teams

  • Challenges with talented leaders that demonstrate disruptive and alienating behaviors

  • Unresolved conflict among leaders or teams that is negatively affecting business results

  • Difficulties with collaboration and execution on leadership teams

Corporate cLIENTS

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We wanted to say thank you for the priceless engagement training you conducted. There is no doubt we are a better team for it. You have us on the right path and I am excited for what the future holds!
— Ace Hardware Executive

Doreen has an amazing ability to oversee organizational change initiatives. I worked with her at a few companies, and her skills just get better. A stellar executive and a stellar human being.
— Barbara B.