The Future of Leadership

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Many young adults leave school ill-equipped to handle the “real world.” They focus on getting a job that will pay the bills, and lose sight of the steps necessary to create a truly fulfilling life.

Doreen utilizes her own journey through an ever-evolving career path and search for purpose to help students create a meaningful life path. She redefines success to align with fulfillment and prosperity rather than wealth, service rather than personal gain, community values rather than individualism. She teaches young adults to avoid the pitfalls of chasing the traditional milestones society sets out for them – ultimately forging their own path that aligns with their unique purpose.

Doreen’s ability to recognize the wisdom and talents of young leaders fosters connection and authenticity. Her ultimate goal is to support the next generation of leaders to find their own Aware Way.

Doreen is masterful at bringing forth space for people to discover their power and fullness in the world.
— Jennifer K.