Invite Doreen to a Working Session with your Leadership Team


make the move from #metoo to #we respect

Does your executive leadership team want to create a strategic advantage by:

  • Creating a conscious evolution of corporate culture

  • Demonstrating accountability for the impact of behaviors in light of the #MeToo Movement?

You have an incredible opportunity to enhance employee engagement and productivity and to improve your organization’s reputation in the marketplace.

Organizations who lead the way will create a competitive advantage by developing greater awareness, a shift in both perception and perspective.

Learn about What Women Really Want.

You can support employees in discovering how to be more respectful and sensitive to one another. Sustainable change is not going to happen by asking employees to watch a compliance video on sexual harassment. It requires an ongoing commitment of input, practice, and feedback.

If your organization’s leadership is willing to lead the way to develop this capacity to communicate with clarity and from a place of genuine authenticity, you will:

  • Increase personal, interpersonal and organization effectiveness

  • Realize tangible benefits that enhance your bottom line.

Doreen has helped us make dramatic improvements with employee engagement and in creating a culture of accountability, cohesiveness, and honesty. She has the unique ability to understand human relationships from an extremely detailed level and can apply her ideas to a professional environment. In my twenty years of working for my company, she is the single best thing that has happened to us. She has a great way of providing her thoughts and ideas without being confrontational.
— J. Wilson, The IMT Group


Pioneered by corporate behavioral specialist and author, Doreen Johnson, The Aware Way teaches you and your team how to walk a pathway inspired by authentic leadership in challenging times. It creates a #WeRespect work environment through interactive learning experiences that cultivate:

  • Productive working relationships with zero tolerance for harassment

  • Transparency in leadership

  • Mutual accountability in the workplace

  • Greater diversity and inclusion within a respectful, global culture.

Organizations are suffering the consequences of behaviors that were overlooked or covered up, consciously or unconsciously. Now is the time for transparency and deep listening. Together, it is possible to create a safe and respectful work environment that fosters greater engagement, enthusiasm and contribution.

Throughout her career, Doreen has guided leaders and their teams to be more in tune with themselves so they are more aligned and successful within their organizations.

Doreen will guide you to enhance your behavioral leadership skills:

  1. Listen for Relational Wisdom

  2. Trust your Inner Knowing

  3. Express Truth with Authenticity and Compassion

  4. Take Accountability for the Impact of Behavior

  5. Create Momentum with Respectful Engagement

Your leaders will benefit a great deal from Doreen’s experience in organizational development, corporate executive leadership and personal and professional training.

Her life experiences gifted her an opportunity to develop great insight regarding issues of gender equanimity. Doreen addresses how to evolve a culture and work environment that honors and evokes the best in both men and women as they build productive and resonant working relationships.