Nature is a Vital Connection that Opens your Heart to Who you Really Are


The personal transformation of leaders is what will sustain corporate transformations. Corporate transformation and personal transformation are inextricably linked. The obvious truth many have lost sight of is that organizations cannot change if people don't change.

As change efforts amplify and the work environment becomes more complex and diverse, building bridges that strengthen vital connections as well as personal transformation will be key to gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage.

The Aware Way builds the bridge between corporate and personal transformation.

The effects of poor coordination across the organization create negative business impacts, such as:

  • Inefficient inter-departmental execution

  • Unproductive operational processes and systems

  • Reduced speed to market of innovative ideas

  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining top-talent

  • Loss of productivity due to poor integration following mergers and acquisitions

Building a strong bridge between business strategies and objectives, operational initiatives, and cultural evolution is key to growing your business. Too often, culture is addressed without aligning it with strategic and operational aspirations.

Vibrant cultures drive financial performance

When culture is aligned with business goals, it’s the fuel that drives strategy and operations. Building vibrant cultures takes sustained attention and conscious day-to-day leadership.

86% of leaders identify culture as a high priority, unfortunately only 24% make it a daily practice. Common sense is not common practice. In a Kotter Heskett study, two groups were analyzed over an 11 year period.

Kotter Heskett.png

Companies in Group 1 had no specific intention to enhance corporate culture. Stock prices increased 74%.

Companies in Group 2 set culture as a priority and treated it as something important. Stock prices increased 901%, a factor of 12!

The Aware Way aligns culture with strategic and operational business goals.


Doreen is a Master Transformational Coach, and a gifted and neutral facilitator. I’ve seen her dramatically shift situations to create long-term and accelerated change. Whether it’s creating new products or services, mediating leadership issues, or helping to create vision and mission statements or cultural strategies. She inspires and illuminates teams by co-creating trust and honest communications, authentic dialogues, respectful and nurturing experiences using relevant and practical applications. Doreen has led the development of some 70 products which generated millions of dollars for companies that she’s consulted with. I highly recommend Doreen.
— Anne P.

Meet Doreen

Doreen Johnson is a skilled leader and an insightful coach, facilitator and speaker. Her personal journey from a “traditional” life with a demanding corporate job to a life guided by a higher calling gives her a unique perspective from which to guide others to greater awareness and purpose. Doreen leads with the depth of her compassion, inner strength, integrity and wisdom. She has a unique gift for bringing people together to awaken untapped gifts and abilities in practical ways.

Doreen’s coaching and facilitation processes are innovative, catalytic and relevant. She has a comprehensive toolkit of training, personal development, self-improvement and transformative practices and models to complement her intuitive gifts. She takes complex and sometimes conflicting ideas and recasts them into simple and productive applications that make a clear impact.

Doreen’s passion is to honor and strengthen the dreams and creativity of inspired men and women who want to make a difference in the world. She evokes your courage and confidence so you’re able to view all of your experiences as great opportunities to learn, grow and expand. Doreen will spark your imagination with a blend of intention, momentum and celebration that creates greater joy, fulfillment, engagement and prosperity – so that you can create and walk your own Aware Way.