Presenting Doreen Johnson's debut book: "Dream Me Awake"


Dream Me Awake is a spiritual memoir about an incredibly courageous woman who grew up on a farm in northern Minnesota. While growing up, she endured incest, rape, family violence and the untimely, tragic death of the man she loved. Somehow, through it all, she found innate, remarkable ways to connect with Spirit and survive. And, ultimately, she learned how to thrive by discovering her personal medicine and gracefully sharing it.

Doreen built the perfect traditional life for herself: a high-powered career, a husband, children and a home to call her own. It was everything she always thought she wanted ... but something was missing and she struggled to discover the source of her discontent.

Dream Me Awake is an inspiring and heartfelt story of transforming pain into joy; of creating an authentic and fulfilling life; of finding true freedom; and of rediscovering faith in people.

Johnson's journey through loss, poverty, and the healing of deep trauma led to her great awakening, as she learned that only by allowing herself to be humble and fully experience every aspect of life could she truly be free.

Published by Wise Ink Publishing

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Dream Me Awake: The HEroine’s Journey Home

Doreen Johnson’s spiritual journey home was about healing from sexual abuse and being able to arrive at an authentic expression of who she is. She speaks about her journey in the book, Dream Me Awake. Doreen also plays intuitive piano meditations.

I am at home wherever I go. I don’t need material possessions or specific conditions to be at peace with what is. I create a loving environment for myself so that I can reverently connect with Creator and all my relatives. I welcome all parts of me, knowing that when I earnestly pray for guidance, help, or healing, I receive it.

I wake each moment to simple choices. I can love or fear, connect or isolate myself, listen to Creator or block communication and refuse to listen. When I meet each moment with a willingness to surrender into the flow of life, I come home. I embrace
my essence and radiate love. I know who I am

Listening to Doreen share her inspiring and heartfelt stories is a nourishing and meaningful experience that allows for self-reflection and healing. Her journey through loss, poverty, and the healing of deep trauma ultimately led to her great awakening and freedom.

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Deb Severson.jpg

“When I started reading your book I couldn't put it down. As an author, your ability to articulate in words then put it to paper kept me breathless. I can't begin to imagine the journey, however, I could feel the pain and agony as you have been able to put it to words. I could see it, I could feel it. It called up every emotion in me that I could possibly feel. And yet, the way you were able to so beautifully write it, I couldn't wait to turn the page because there was anticipation of more. May the completion of this book be the healing that is needed for you to close one door and to open many others.”

-- Deb Severson


“Dream me Awake" is an inspiring story about one woman's daring journey to follow her heart and spirit. In the midst of deep pain, she found a well of courage to authentically live her truth, one step at a time, time and time again. Others have taken journeys like this, however, few have been brave enough to write about it with such realness, openness and compassion. Her writing invites us to find the still place within that transforms pain into compassion, vulnerability into strength and darkness into light. Her gift to us is to awaken our own inner strength to unflinchingly journey toward a wholehearted way of living.”

-- Stephanie McGovern


“Dream Me Awake” was written by an extraordinary graceful woman whose heart, soul and spirit were severely tested in a way few of us ever truly recover from. By trusting in and wholeheartedly embracing courage, honesty, creative intelligence and the Spirit of intuitive genius gifted to her by Creator, she found her way into a heightened state of awareness that is both enlightening and intrinsically healing to those who have the privilege of knowing and being touched by her. This book will gently warm your heart and soul, lift your spirit to new heights and kindle your radiance within so that you too may find you way back home.

-- George “Bud” Green

Jo Elise Friedman.png

The first sentence of the preface of Dream Me Awake is: “My intention in sharing my life’s story is to illuminate aspects of my journey so that you have specific examples of everyday miracles.” Doreen’s intention has been realized!! That intention stayed with me throughout the entire unfolding of her story. It guided me as she carefully and beautifully shared her life story and the telling of the many miracles she has experienced. Her life journey has been complex and very challenging. Although that word—challenging—does not even begin to describe what Doreen has been faced with. But because of her amazing tenacity and dedication to Life, and Joy, and Love she kept moving forward and continued to transform. Her tenacity and dedication, and her ability to see the miracles throughout it all is profoundly inspirational. I’m so very grateful to Doreen for all of the life work she has done, which she is now so generously offering to all of us in the form of her story. This book is a treasure of wisdom that can guide many in finding their own remarkable pathways, uncovering their own everyday miracles!!

-- Jo Elise Friedman


“Dream Me Awake is an amazing journey through the unthinkable. It provides anyone who has experienced abuse with the opportunity to see that it can be that bad and you can get through it with help and spirit. That violation and pain can become valuable by following a healing path. There are profound lessons for all in this courageous book!”

-- Paula Hemming


“Few have experienced, endured, coped, and recovered as has this Sacred Woman. Releasing layers of fear and grief through testimony, again and again. Truly an amazing insight into the absolute necessity of honesty, community, and ceremony in the critical realm of individual healing. The universe is blessed to have this timeless book. A swan in human sister form, sharing her wisdom through song, story, and ceremony. What a lovely invitation. Do Come.”

-- Dave Murphy


Dream Me Awake, Doreen Johnson’s memoir of recovery from memories of childhood rape and incest, is both inspiring and infuriating. She inspires us by her brave and intimate narrative of seeking emotional and spiritual healing through a series of therapeutic experiences that might be called “counter-cultural” or “new age,” all the while encountering new traumas from divorce, single-parenting, unsuccessful romantic relationships (some involving physical and emotional abuse), and financial reversals. (A “Type A” achiever, Doreen’s corporate career led to executive positions and high-dollar consulting gigs.)

Her story infuriates, like similar revelations of the “Me Too” movement, because of the traumas she endures, both the youthful rape and incest and the adult mistreatment in business and romance. At the end of the memoir she writes of finding a sense of being “at home” in the world, reconciled with “Creator," community, and nature in a rural setting—not unlike where she grew up in—freed of guilt, undue pride, feelings of isolation, and most of her accumulated material possessions. She writes “People pray for outcomes that serve themselves and don’t include the needs and concerns of others. Praying for the well-being of ourselves, our families and friends, our global community, and the generations to come is the song of love.” She has dreamed herself awake.”

-- David Miller